The Shirai Group Total Planning Waste Processing "Power in Utilizing Waste"


We joined the volunteer disaster waste disposal.

September 25, 2015

Due to the impact of heavy rains caused by the typhoon No.10 that occurred in September 2015, in Ibaraki Prefecture Joso City that were damaged, such as flooding, a huge number of disaster waste has occurred.

September 17, 2015, Shirai Eco Center as a member of the National Federation of Industrial Waste Management Association Youth Council (IWMA), Tagami of sales manager visited in Joso City to help waste disposal.


In the temporary storage of disaster waste in the south area of Joso City, we made help of waste unloading towards the individuals bring.

About 35 people in all took part in this volunteer from Kanto area of IWMA.

Unfortunately the day of the weather becomes a downpour, it became a work in harsh environment.

Waste is piled up in heavy equipment such as excavators car, the height is also a location that will be used as a about 4 – 5m.


The truck came to bring their wasute and they will alongside immediately about 10 cars at the entrance.

We induced these tracks and carried waste down from a truck by 2-6 people.

For household waste, foods such as pickles, which went into the bottle, furniture, tatami, sofa, desk, magazines, bedding, appliances, etc., and everything.It seems to have been brought here to not usable because of the flooding.In particular, tatami I felt heavily There is also the influence of the rain.

Fractionation, it was roughly as in other metal (home appliances including 4 items).
This time we only carry and segregate waste. In the future, whether to do with this waste it is now like.
Issue of disaster waste must be urgently resolved. If there is that to help something as waste disposal and we want to carry out aggressive.