The Shirai Group Total Planning Waste Processing "Power in Utilizing Waste"


Power in Utilizing Waste

Power in Utilizing Waste The power to utilize waste is
the power to transform waste disposal services
into city-wide infrastructural industries.

Power in Human Resources Our team of professionals looks
towards the most relevant data to explore and build
new business paradigms.

Power in Logistics Accurate logistical information allows us
to precisely determine the fastest collection and
transportation routes with the minimum number of vehicles.

Power in Data We use the power of information to aggregate the latest information on waste disposal services in Japan and all around the world.

Through these core fundamentals, we constantly strive to contribute to sustainable urban management practices and to promote new industries.

Power in Human Resources

Our talented, problem solving oriented staff is prepared to meet customer needs by taking into consideration the trends and changes of the era.

  • 白井グループの優秀な人材
  • 白井グループの優秀な人材
  • 白井グループの優秀な人材

Power in Logistics

Distribution costs account for 50% or more of waste and recycling expenses. In order to realize a substantial reduction, we have taken various initiatives such as the introduction of a dispatch system that utilizes AI and a GPS tracking system, implemented an e-learning driver training program, and have helped realize a joint collection network for collaborating companies.


AI Enabled Dispatch System

"Our vehicle dispatch system is optimized for waste collection based on systems used in arterial logistics operations such as major distribution and parcel delivery services.
The dispatch system automatically calculates the optimal route based on customer information such as location and waste amount. Our experienced sanitation professionals further refine the route by inputting neighborhood and worksite details. Through the introduction of this dispatch system we are able to achieve efficient, economical collection routing."


Secure Tracking System

Tracking system for confidential media transport. We utilize GPS satellites and monitor transport. Barcodes are used to ensure security in every step of the disposal process from collection to transport to final treatment. Upon completion of treatment, we provide you with a certificate to confirm transit and processing steps.


Paperless Manifests

We are transferring support from paper to electronic manifests for all business operators to help reduce costs associated with manifest management.


Collection Collaboration Project

There are tens of thousands of sanitation vehicles employed by an estimated 14,000-plus sanitation companies in Tokyo. We are working together with some of these companies through our commercial waste collection services to help reduce the number of vehicles, operation time, logistics costs and CO2 emissions.

Tokyo Model Business Partner

We have been selected to partner with various governmental agencies on multiple occasions to serve as a model business for the implementation of projects working towards a recycling-oriented society.

  • ・2006 Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry consignment for the Cabinet Secretariat of the Urban Renaissance Agency for national urban redevelopment survey model businesses
  • ・2013 Tokyo Metropolitan Government consignment for Waste Collection Efficiency and Recycling Support model business
  • ・2016 Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Environment sponsored "Sustainable Use of Resources" model business
  • ・2017 Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Environment sponsored "Sustainable Use of Resources" model business

Power in Networks

To solve various city waste problems, we must find new solutions by mixing both domestic and foreign values. A network for the gathering of diverse information will enable those solutions.

  • Industry Networking

    Industry Networking

    The Shirai Group is helping to build a network with other companies in our industry here in Tokyo, nationally and around the world.

  • NGO and Student Organization Involvement

    NGO and Student Organization Involvement

    We partner in environmental conservation activities with international environmental NGOs and other groups, and work with AIESEC's internship program, accepting students who are interested in Japanese and global waste management markets.

  • Governmental Agency and Regional Involvement

    Governmental Agency and Regional Involvement

    We are actively engaged in joint projects with the government and are striving to form a sustainable resource recycling society. We also work in cooperation with local communities such as Adachi Ward, Awajicho, Jiyugaoka and Ginza to help foster town development.