The Shirai Group Total Planning Waste Processing "Power in Utilizing Waste"


Shirai Group Initiatives

Compliance Center

Protecting customers from waste disposal risk!

In 1970, the Law on Waste Disposal and Public Cleansing (the "Waste Disposal Law") was enacted, and the responsibility of waste disposal company customers is becoming greater on a daily basis.
We have established an independent compliance center to assist our customers with their waste disposal responsibilities and help protect them from waste disposal risks.
Compliance Center members make daily site patrols to ensure compliance with waste disposal safety laws and regulations. Members also make intercompany checks, inspections and work to improve the safety and quality of business operations.

Many small risks lead to large management risks!

A small risk is a tip of the iceberg. Management risks hide in the depths. The Compliance Center conducts the important work of daily inspections and early stage practices development to prevent major risks and ensure small mistakes and failures do not compound to cause larger problems.

Inspection Point Checks

  • ・Do business activities comply with governmental laws, internal rules and common sense?
  • ・Do business activities ignore management and safety risks?
  • ・Are business activities prone to abuse?

Inspection Point Objectives

  • (1) Perform Inspection Point Checks every business day (250 days per year).
  • (2) Three times a week, check operation safety as established in the manual and ensure new measures are in effect.
  • (3) Every two weeks, conduct comprehensive Inspection Point Checks for all duty divisions.

Inspection Point Heading Examples (Collection and Transportation)

Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

What is a BCP?

A BCP is a set of steps to follow both in times of emergency and during the normal activity cycle to mitigate business resource loss and restart core operations caused by natural disasters, fire, terrorist attack or other emergency situations.

Shirai Eco-Center BCP Engagement

We have installed our own refueling station on our premises to ensure sanitation vehicles are able to continue operation.
In the aftermath of the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, collection was able to continue without interruption.
In 2013, the Shirai Group was selected by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to help formulate their BCP.
As part of the waste disposal infrastructure, we have established a system that will be able to withstand natural disasters.

Targeted Operation
Waste collection and transport operations (Shirai Eco-Center Co., Ltd.)
Target Risk
Northern Tokyo Bay Earthquake
  • ・It will be necessary to ensure the continuous collection of large amounts of waste and refuse post-disaster, so we have investigated plans for the immediate restart of services upon the reopening of roadways.
  • ・We have set forth a range of scenarios regarding the collection manifests that the driver and dispatch system use to record information such as waste kind and amount. These manifests are necessary upon the resumption of operations, so in the case of emergencies, we have included scenarios for driver casualty, accident-stranded vehicles, dispatch system failure and manifest loss.
  • ・We have established practices to utilize alternate shift drivers in standby vehicles, the dispatch by manual work transport vehicles, and procedures for the reissuance of manifests.
  • ・Concerning waste disposal site status updating, we will continue to explore prior approvals for emergency response situations and methods to secure communications.


Concern for the environment has never been higher, and the Shirai Group is looking ahead to advance the recycling network system and expand our environmental businesses.
As we share social responsibility in the region and in the global environment, we are proceeding to acquire ISO 14001 certification, an international standard for environmental management systems.
June, 2004
Shirai Eco-Center Co., Ltd. acquires ISO14001 environmental certification
July, 2003
Shirai Transportation Co., Ltd. acquires ISO14001 environmental certification