The Shirai Group Total Planning Waste Processing "Power in Utilizing Waste"



Resource Waste Market (currently inactive)

In August of 2008 Shikahama Kogyo began purchasing residential resource waste for cash--a program modelled after one run by the Los Angeles Recycling Center.
We purchased waste paper (newspapers, magazines and cardboard), cans (aluminum and steel), PET bottles, cooking oil (vegetable) and old clothes. Held on the 4th Sunday of every month, the event let customers and employees interact, helping foster a greater sense of local community.

After this experience, we partnered with Adachi Ward to hold a resource waste market. The market received strong support from local residents, with an average attendance of 160 visitors and a repeat comeback rate of over 90%.
In 2010, we received the 3R SUISHINKYOGIKAI Distinguished Service Commendation Chairman's Award in promoting reduce, reuse & recycle efforts.
We temporarily suspended the resource waste market in March of 2014, but are planning to further engage in this area to improve the experience for local participants.
Currently, eight businesses in Adachi Ward are carrying out resource waste markets.

Adachi Ward Resource Waste Market

Shirai Group Uniform

The Shirai Group supports Patagonia's outdoor apparel brand for environmental issues and has adopted Patagonia products for our sales department and internal office employee uniforms. We participate in environmental protection activities with our employees and promote outdoor sports. By wearing Patagonia products and the healthy, active lifestyle they support, we hope to contribute to a greater employee awareness towards improving the environment.
Uniforms worn by sanitation collectors, transport drivers and workers in the private sector are based on the dark blue of our company logo. Our education policy is to use care with regard to grooming and always work in clean form.

Regional Clean-up Activities

In addition to waste disposal as a business, the Shirai Group conducts clean-up activities around work sites to help conserve the local environment. At the beginning of the day Monday through Saturday in the Adachi Ward neighborhoods where Shikahama Kogyo and Iriya Base are located, we perform "kadohaki", a sweeping and clean-up tradition to keep the entrance both physically and spiritually clean. At the Tokyo Front Office, we participate in a clean-up of Chiyoda Ward once every six months.
We also carry out beach clean-ups on the coastal areas that we visit for our yearly employee training. (Kamogawa Coast in Chiba Prefecture; Iida Beach Coast on the Izu peninsula in Shimoda, Shizuoka Prefecture; Yokosuka Kuruwa Coast in Kanagawa Prefecture to name a few).
The Shirai group participated as a member of the Tokyo Industrial Waste Association for the "Tokyo Bay Clean-up Daisakusen". (2006 - 2008)

Agricultural Support

We provide fertilizer composted by Shirai Transportation's garbage fermentation processing machine (composter) to organic farmers and Mother Earth Club organic vegetable farms in Shimoda, Izu.
Once or twice a year, we also conduct activities to encourage employees and industry peers to experience rice planting and harvesting work.

Mother Earth Club Organic Vegetable Farms

Supporting Environmentally Active Employees

"Learning to protecting the environment at one's individual level and aiming to become environmental professionals."
The Shirai Group supports employees participating in environmental activities. We encourage outdoor activities such as eco tours, environmental protection activities, surfing and trekking. We also have a system to support employee's eco-related activities and the acquisition of environment-related qualifications.

Social and Environmental Activities Incentive System
Financial support to participate in eco activities
Environmental-Related Qualification Acceleration System
Financial support for examination fees and qualification acquisition

CO2 Emissions Report

Since April of 2009, the Shirai Eco-Center reports the amount of CO2 generated by waste transport to all customers monthly, free of charge. Reporting is certified by a third party.