The Shirai Group Total Planning Waste Processing "Power in Utilizing Waste"

Power in Utilizing Waste

Power in Utilizing Waste The power to utilize waste is
the power to transform waste disposal services
into city-wide infrastructural industries.

Power in Human Resources Our team of professionals looks
towards the most relevant data to explore and build
new business paradigms.

Power in Logistics Accurate logistical information allows us
to precisely determine the fastest collection and
transportation routes with the minimum number of vehicles.

Power in Data We use the power of information to aggregate the latest information on waste disposal services in Japan and all around the world.

Through these core fundamentals, we constantly strive to contribute to sustainable urban management practices and to promote new industries.

  • Power in Human Resources

    Our talented, problem solving oriented staff is prepared to meet customer needs by taking into consideration the trends and changes of the era.

  • Power in Logistics

    Distribution costs account for 50% or more of waste and recycling expenses. In order to realize a substantial reduction, we have taken various initiatives such as the introduction of a dispatch system that utilizes AI and a GPS tracking system, implemented an e-learning driver training program, and have helped realize a joint collection network for collaborating companies.

  • Power in Networks

    To solve various city waste problems, we must find new solutions by mixing both domestic and foreign values. A network for the gathering of diverse information will enable those solutions.

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Commercial Services

Commercial Waste Collection

Daily waste collection services for offices and stores

Bulky Waste Collection

Bulky waste and hazardous waste collection such as recycled home electronics, PCB materials, asbestos and more

Confidential Document and Media Disposal

Secure disposal of confidential documents and media

Building Maintenance

Maintenance services from regular daily cleaning jobs to specialized cleaning work and management

Residential Services

Bulky waste item processing (service limited to Adachi Ward)

Shirai Transportation in Shikahama, Adachi Ward, Tokyo accepts carry-ins for large item trash for residents of Adachi Ward.

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Home Appliance Recycling

The Shirai Eco-Center Iriya Base in Adachi Ward, Tokyo accepts carry-ins for home appliance recycling.

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