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Bulky Waste Collection

Kanto Area
Our skilled and experienced staff can collect bulky garbage from relocations or renovations with minimal time. We will propose the optimal reuse, recycling and collection solutions. We do the sorting and troublesome work to make the process easy for you.
*For customers outside the Kanto area, please do not hesitate to inquire for a consultation.

Service Categories

Bulky waste
Desks, chairs, lockers, reception sets, bookshelves, partitions, office fixtures such as white boards, etc.
Hazardous waste
Recycled consumer electronics, chemicals, asbestos, PCB

Service Information

1Please contact us by telephone.

Apply by Telephone


Reception hours are 9:00 - 17:45 Monday - Friday

*Please make sure the phone number you dial is correct.
2Information Required for Application
  • ・Kinds of items to be collected
  • ・Item sizes
  • ・Quantity
  • ・Pick-up address (A prior site inspection may be necessary.)
3Collection Methods Proposal and Estimate

Our knowledgeable and experienced bulky waste service professionals will advise you on the collection service methods depending on your needs.

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