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Confidential Document and Media Disposal

Even with the establishment of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, there is societal concern for private information leakage. Large quantities of confidential information accumulates not only in paper documents, but also in various types of digital media. When this information becomes unnecessary, extreme caution is needed to prevent leakage.


Our confidential document disposal service, SS-Security-BOX, safely transports and processes confidential documents and media recycling a full 100% of the material.
Items are secured in boxes which remain unopened and unsorted from collection to processing.
A system of GPS satellites monitors transportation, boasting the world's highest level of security.

SS-Security-BOX PDF

100% Recycling of Documents

SS-Security-BOX employs a "foreign matter removal system" during the dissolving process, so the confidential document boxes are never opened. The box and contents are then used in their entirety for recycled paper.

Confidential Media Recycling

Confidential media such as floppy disks, magneto-optical disks and CDs are pulverized and recycled for use as auxiliary cement material.

World's Highest Security

Our SS-Security-BOX service uses GPS satellites to monitor confidential documents during transport. Our staff then visually records the status of collection, transportation and processing as images. Upon disposal, we issue a digital "Transit Completion Certificate" detailing the process.

Service Categories

Confidential Documents and Media
Confidential information such as confidential documents and media

Service Information

1Please contact us by telephone.

Apply by Telephone


Reception hours are 9:00 - 17:45 Monday - Friday

*Please make sure the phone number you dial is correct.
2Information Required for Application
  • ・Kinds of items to be collected (paper or media)
  • ・Quantity
  • ・Pick-up address
3Collection Methods Proposal and Estimate

Our knowledgeable and experienced confidential document disposal professionals will advise you on the collection service methods depending on your needs.

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