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Building Maintenance

Kanto Area
In addition to waste collection and transportation services, we also provide daily cleaning, hazardous waste removal and management services for comprehensive building management.

Service Categories

Cleaning Services

Daily Cleaning
Daily cleaning services for offices, retail spaces and stores.
Garbage collection, floor cleaning, window cleaning, bathroom cleaning, landscape maintenance
Regular Cleaning
Frequent basis cleaning services.
Floor cleaning and waxing, window cleaning, carpet cleaning services
Carpet Cleaning
Cleaning, vacuuming, flame retardant treating
House Cleaning
Cleaning services for pre- and post-vacancy and post-construction.
We also accept single cleaning jobs for your air conditioner, toilet, bath, windows, kitchen, etc.
Air Conditioner Cleaning
We disassemble air conditioners for cleaning.
Ceiling cassette type, ceiling-suspended type, stand-up units, residential units (some types excluded)
Exterior Wall and Window Cleaning
General cleaning (alkaline base) for outer walls, acid base
Special cleaning for water scale, etc.
Stone Cleaning
Granite stain removal and cleaning
Marble stain removal and polishing
Water Related Cleaning
Tank cleaning, elevated cistern cleaning, septic tank cleaning, drain pipe high pressure cleaning
Resident Manager Services
Cleaning manager dispatch

Preventative Services

Protective Coatings
Photocatalysts, stone coating, wood coating, glass coating, anti-graffiti coating, bathtub coating, toilet general coating, garbage storage antifouling coating, antifungal coating

Facility Management Services

Air-conditioning equipment, fire-suppression equipment, electric equipment, plumbing equipment, construction equipment, patrol inspection, etc.

Pest Control Services

Various disinfection, cockroaches, rats, drain flies, etc.

General Interior and Exterior Construction

Please contact us about interior or exterior furnishing construction.

Service Information

1Please contact us by telephone.

Apply by Telephone


Reception hours are 9:00 - 17:45 Monday - Friday

*Please make sure the phone number you dial is correct.
2Information Required for Application
  • ・Kinds of service requested
  • ・Service frequency
  • ・Site address
3Job Proposal and Estimate

Our knowledgeable and experienced building maintenance professionals will advise you on the services to fit your needs.

Commercial Waste Collection

Daily waste collection services for offices and stores

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Bulky Waste Collection

Bulky waste and hazardous waste collection such as recycled home electronics, PCB materials, asbestos and more

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Confidential Document and Media Disposal

Secure disposal of confidential documents and media

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Building Maintenance

Maintenance services from regular daily cleaning jobs to specialized cleaning work and management

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