The Shirai Group Total Planning Waste Processing "Power in Utilizing Waste"



Commercial Services

Commercial Waste Collection

Daily waste collection services for offices and stores

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Bulky Waste Collection

Bulky waste and hazardous waste collection such as recycled home electronics, PCB materials, asbestos and more

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Confidential Document and Media Disposal

Secure disposal of confidential documents and media

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Building Maintenance

Maintenance services from regular daily cleaning jobs to specialized cleaning work and management

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ServicesService CategoriesArea
Commercial Waste CollectionGeneral WasteCombustible waste such as food, paper and tobacco waste23 Tokyo Wards
Commercial WastePlastics, bottles, cans, ceramics, and incombustible materials such as glass, etc.
Bulky Waste CollectionBulky WasteDesks, chairs, lockers, reception sets, bookshelves, partitions, office fixtures such as white boards, etc.Kanto
Hazardous waste disposalHard-to-manage materialSpray cans, batteries, fluorescent lamps, Ship waste, waste type, Trash fire, contaminated soil, Sludge, incinerator, writer, etcKanto
Industrial waste subject to special controlChemicals, deadly poison thing, pathological waste, Infectious waste, asbestos, Formalin, heavy metals, toxic substances specified, etc
Home Appliance Recycling ※CategoriesAir conditioning, TV, refrigerator, washing machineKanto
Confidential Document and Media DisposalConfidential Documents and MediaConfidential information such as confidential documents and mediaNationwide
Building MaintenanceDaily Cleaning Services, Facility Management Services, Pest Control Services, General Interior and Exterior ConstructionKanto
  • ※It is different depending on the region.

Residential Services

Bulky waste item processing (service limited to Adachi Ward)

Shirai Transportation in Shikahama, Adachi Ward, Tokyo accepts carry-ins for large item trash for residents of Adachi Ward.

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Home Appliance Recycling

The Shirai Eco-Center Iriya Base in Adachi Ward, Tokyo accepts carry-ins for home appliance recycling.

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