About us_Corporate Philosophy

"power take advantage of the waste"

to build a worldwide network of business waste
best talent from around the world to aggregate information and a valid business waste
environmental protection of the human race to innovate , economic development
"The charm of the business environment!" Group Code of Conduct Shirai

Shirai group is not afraid of change, in a style full of affection and humor, will promote environmental protection.
commitment to employees

Shirai is in a group, a human employee, a person providing services on environmental protection on the improvement of the environment, that make it important to also manage their own health is also the most important resources.
spare no effort affection , trust, honesty, respect and maximize the talent of each individual and the company that lead to the development of integrity and principle.
to achieve personal aspirations to deepen fulfilling life , loved by everyone as a leader in environmental protection group will continue to aim to Shirai ... the best work environment for their work.
In practice knows three

  • do not neglect to report and verify the exact carriage at any time when work.
  • in a voice clear and transmitted to the opponent , greeting you with a smile. Look at the eyes of the opponent actively , you try to add the name of your partner as much as possible.
  • The action needs to look ahead an .
Toru Shirai Shirai Group Co., Ltd. Representative Director.