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Shirai Transportation Co. Ltd.

Basic Information

Company NameShirai Unyu Co.Ltd
Established 17th May 1959(Established November 1941)
Capital 20,000,000Yen
Representative CEO:Mamoru Shirai
Main Officers Senior Managing Director: Toru Shirai
Director:Saito Ryoichi
Director:Chiaki Takiguchi
Business Contents Tokyo cleaning business
General waste disposal (waste fermentation process)
Industrial waste collection and transportation business
Building maintenance business
industrial waste
waste plastic, paper waste, wood waste, metal, glas
ceramic refuse, rubber crumb, rubble, coke, sludge, waste oil, waste acid、
Leave waste alkali, flora and fauna.
general waste
ordinary waste
Employees 40
Major Bank Mizuho bank branch
Shikahama Office
Tokyo Adachi-ku, Shikahama 3-28-7
Telephone Number:(03)3897-1331(Direct)/FAX Number:(03)3897-1355

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licenses and permits

Official NamePermitLicense Number
Tokyo Land Transportation Officegeneral cargo transportThe department 2-2, 72 East GSDF No. 1907-50
Tokyo 23 WardsGeneral waste collection and transportation businessNumber 1415
General waste collection and transportation businessNumber 1347

ISO acquired

July 2003environmental ISO 14001 certification.